Ten Years

A decade of strategy and design for publishers, authors, journals, and cultural & human rights organizations.

Why Sonnet Media

Ten Years of "Content First" Design

Fundamental to our design work is the concept that your content is more than just blocks of text and images. Our work begins with an evaluation of your content, conceiving a strategy and only when we have live, representative text and media in your content management system do we start to design for it.

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Why Sonnet Media

Integrally Mobile

The impact of mobile devices, from phones to tablets, is undeniable. We design our sites to reflow your content and be just as attractive and readable on tiny devices as large screens.

Design & Development

We've designed and built well over 100 sites and still work with many of our earliest clients. Expert at Wordpress, ExpressionEngine and other leading systems.

Information Architecture

Have a designer but need help determining how to make sense of your content for your audience? We'll evaluate, plan, and fit all the pieces of your site together.

Web & Content Strategy

These days a website is but one element in a broader strategy. We conceive and create custom analysis for you take advantage of eBooks, mobile, and social media.

Hosting and Maintenance

You won't get rid of us too easily! We host and maintain your site and support you to get the most out of your web presence, with a variety of plans to suit your needs.

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